What to look for when finding short term or long terms rentals in Ontario

Whether you are looking for a long-term residence or a short-term stay, it can be difficult choosing the right rental property. Here we have a few tips to help you evaluate which apartments are best for you, and what to look for when looking for rentals.

1. Tour the neighbourhood

This is a great way to see the community and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. This will help you find important landmarks and buildings, such as stores/shops, community centers, and emergency services. You should do this during the day and at night, because this will also give a sense of the activity and noise levels in the area. It will also help you sense the general feel of the community, and if it is somewhere you want to live. If you are interested in being near specific landmarks, make sure you walk or drive to it.

2. Check out electrical outlets

You should have a general, rough plan of how you will arrange your furniture. With that in mind, make sure there are enough outlets and that they are in suitable places to meet your furniture layout needs. Also check if the outlets are always on, or if they are on a switch for lamps or lighting.

3. Check amenities

Make sure you are aware of all amenities the rental offers. Ask about appliances or services that you commonly use right now and make sure they are available in the new potential rental. You may also be pleasantly surprised with positive changes in lifestyle such as a building fitness centre, sauna, pool, board room, party room, or in-suite laundry.

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4. Take note of Security

When being taken into the apartment, make a note of the security measures in place at the main entrance, lobby, and your own apartment. Do you have an intercom? Is it a physical key or a key-card you tap to get in? Also ask about loading zones for taking your furniture and other items into the building when you move in.

5. Review apartment policy

This is a great way to ensure your needs are met by the apartment. Be fully aware of pet policies, smoke free policies, and any noise restrictions. If you wish to host guests for parties, an apartment that has limited guest hours or a noise curfew may not be the best fit for you.

6. Check Utilities

Check for which utilities are included in your rent, and which may need to be established in your own name. Some apartments will have basic utilities (heat, water, electricity) included in your rent. However you may have to pay for cable TV and high-speed internet separately and should budget accordingly.

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