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When you're cooking for one…

October 23 , 2012
Panoramic Properties Inc.
Now is your chance to experiment with new recipes and foreign cuisines to define your palate. In your quest to prepare meals for yourself, here are some cooking tips and suggestions for kitchen gadgets that will make your solo mission a bit easier.

Cook in batches

You'll save time and money by storing leftovers from cooked meals, casseroles, soups and desserts. The Chickenfeed blog has some great tips on cooking for one. They suggest freezing half of your loaves of bread and stockpiling frozen vegetables, allowing you to use just what you need at any meal without anything spoiling.

Take a Cooking Class

Conveniently located near Panoramic Properties' Baseline Rd. apartments, Loblaws at Baseline Road (1980 Baseline Rd.),  offers cooking classes for as little as $10. Check out a class like Healthy Lebanese Cooking, French Bistro or Italian Cuisine. These classes give you the chance to master a different cuisine and then try it out at home.

Local Salad Bar

Shop at a salad bar for smaller portions of produce and visit the bulk food section of your favourite grocery store. At a salad bar, purchase just the right amount of ready-diced veggies to add to your salads, soups and casseroles. Likewise, buying from a bulk store doesn't mean you have to buy a ton of an item. Instead, you can purchase the exact amount you need.

Toaster Oven, Microwave and Slowcooker

Invest in a toaster oven, microwave and slow cooker. Using a toaster oven and microwave saves time and money wasted on heating a large oven to cook a single item or dish. Plus, you can microwave almost anything. This includes baking potatoes, roasted vegetables and individual sized chocolate cakes. A slow cooker works wonders for preparing a pot of soup or roasting an entire chicken -- dishes that can be divided into freezer portions. For more inspiration on slowcooking, check out the Semi Homemade Mom Blog’s 30 Slowcooker recipes

Other tips

Consider a single-serve coffee maker, such as a pod style coffee maker, to reduce waste on your morning beverage. As a bonus, drinking your coffee at home saves money! Another great kitchen accessory is a grill-style sandwich maker which works well for cooking a single steak, panini or chicken breast fillet.
Living solo in a Panoramic Properties Ottawa Apartment, does not mean that you need to live on take-out food alone. Take advantage of this opportunity to cook foods that you love without fretting about another person's tastes. 

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