Where to get tax tips in Sudbury

Tax season is here. Need a little assistance with filing this spring? If you or a friend or family member near our Sudbury apartments could use a few tax tips, large or small, today’s post from Panoramic Properties might be the resource you have been looking for.

Start at the local library

The Greater Sudbury Public Library is hosting tax preparation clinics throughout the month of April, leading up to the end-of-the-month deadline. The clinics are being presented by United Way Sudbury. For more information, call 705-669-1494. Residents at Tiffany Place Apartments (1 & 44 Humber Court) only have to bike five minutes to attend the clinics at the Main branch of the library system.

Stop by United Way

If you cannot make one of the clinics at the local library, United Way Sudbury (105 Elm Street) is welcoming drop-in inquiries at their local office. To stop by today, drive just over five minutes from Southend Apartments (1310 Nesbitt Drive).

Invest in a CPA

A professional CPA can guide you through filing your taxes, whether for your business or your household. There are many brand-name tax specialists in Sudbury and the Greater Sudbury Area. For example, Liberty Tax Service (1774 Regent Street) has two Sudbury offices, one of which is less than a five-minute drive from Commodore Apartments (1140 Ramsey View Court).

Tax tips from home

Have you looked through the online services offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? The government has put together a comprehensive guide to help you file your taxes online, including what software is recommended and approved. Start here to both glean new tips and to officially file your taxes this spring.

The blog team at Panoramic Properties hopes today’s post plays a small part in making this season’s tax filing easier. For more information about our Sudbury apartments, visit our website today.