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Your guide to rafting on the river

August 20 , 2013

Rafting is a challenging outdoor recreational activity that puts you in an inflatable raft while you navigate a river. Panoramic Properties’ Baseline Court apartments in Ottawa (1785-1815 Baseline Road) are located less than twenty minutes away from the Ottawa River. So for today’s post, our blog team has put together a rafting guide for our residents.   About an hour and a half away from our featured property you’ll find Wilderness Tours. This resort offers all sorts of adventures to suit every age group including a one-day gentle raft trip, mini vacation packages, sea kayaking and touring, raft and rod adventures, gentle classic combos in addition to gentle resort packages.   Guests can even raft for free just for joining the #1 CLUB. Organizing a raft of 12 will allow you to raft for free and also be inducted into the esteemed #1 CLUB and much more.   Below McCoy Chute, the Ottawa River splits into two individual channels - the Main and Middle. The Main is categorized by soaring waves and huge hydraulics offering a rollercoaster type of ride in the waves. The Middle Channel zigs and zags and is known for its tight, technical rapids.   If rafting is interesting, yet you are looking for something different, RiverRun Rafting and Wilderness Resort is also just about an hour and a half away from our Baseline Court (1785-1815 Baseline Road) community and has other features. With ultimate adventures, family rafting and even paintballing, this place has something for everyone.   Before starting any outdoor adventure, it’s wise to be prepared for the sport in mind. Here are a few things that you should bring when going rafting:   •Extra firm fitting shoes to wear while on the raft like low cut runners, sport sandals or water shoes •A bathing suit or quick dry shorts •A beach towel •A rash top   At Panoramic Properties, our residents’ safety is high on our priority list, so please take caution when rafting or taking part in any recreational activities. Our featured community in Ottawa, Baseline Court (1785-1815 Baseline Road) includes apartments for rent starting at $895 per month. For more information about this and other properties we manage, contact us today!