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Your Guide to Tenant's Insurance

October 25 , 2012
Panoramic Properties Inc.

At Panoramic Properties, the landlord and property management team go out of their way to make tenants feel at home. While the Panoramic team takes care of everything they can, it’s important that residents protect their personal effects. Purchasing tenant’s insurance is an important step for renters, ensure you’re fully protected and read our mini-guide to provide you with the basics you need to know while finding the plan that works best for you.

Sometimes called renters insurance, tenant’s insurance covers the contents of an apartment in case of theft, fire, or weather damage. This policy also protects against liability for accidents that may occur while someone is visiting. 

What's Covered

Renters insurance covers personal possessions like furniture, electronics, jewellery and even clothing, from all sorts of mishaps. If you own any valuable items such as fine art, ensure you elect to pay an additional premium and add a rider to your policy. Most renters insurance policies also cover personal property that you take with you while traveling.

The Cost

Renters insurance is surprisingly affordable. Premiums vary by the amount of coverage and other factors, such as the building's age and condition. Since Panoramic Properties' apartments are modern and meticulously maintained, tenants will save something on premium cost right there. Rates vary by province and by area. 
If you call St. Catharines home and live in Panoramic Properties' Westgate Village Apartments or in its Linwell Road community, you can expect to pay approximately $20 to $30 monthly for $25,000 in coverage.

Where to Buy

In Ontario, there are lots of options for tenants. Shop around to find the best value for your effects. Call an independent representative or stop by an office for a consultation. For those with less time, most major banking institutions offer quick online estimates. 

Local options include: 

Remember, your landlord insures the building, but as a tenant you are responsible for insuring the contents of your apartment. Protect your home and yourself with tenant's insurance. 

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