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Master the kitchen, online!

December 11 , 2020

This year has presented us with unique challenges. Many of us are spending more time at home and cooking for ourselves more often. This is great if you know how to cook. If not, here are some amazing online resources to amp up your skills in the kitchen.


Learning new cooking skills is great. Learning new cooking skills for free is even better! You can tune into Delish’s Instagram Live Kids and Parents cooking class every weekday at 1pm EST. Or subscribe to their YouTube channel where Senior Recipe Producer, June, offers tutorials on cooking, baking and meal planning on a budget.  

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is looking to help out at home with their Home Ec 365 online course. This is more than just a cooking class, this is a home economics and kitchen skills course. Learn everything from how to master a recipe, how to clean your kitchen, cut down on food waste and shop with a budget. Enrollment is free.


Udemy is an online learning academy offering courses on a variety of subjects. You can study pretty much anything and pay for classes à la carte. Learn Essential Cooking Skills ($16.99 CDN) or Healthy Cooking Fundamentals ($16.99), or try their specialty classes like Restaurant-Style Indian Cooking ($14.99 CDN) and many more (over 100,000 classes).

Rouxbe Online Culinary School

As the leading online culinary school in the world, Rouxbe has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to cook well. Rouxbe trains home cooks, aspiring chefs, professional chefs and culinary teams. This is not the most beginner-friendly option. These courses are geared toward serious home cooks looking to hone their skills or for people entering or working in the food industry. You can get a broad-base culinary education, from plant-based cooking to proper food safety. Learn on your own schedule through videos and instructor interaction and assessments. Memberships are $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year (USD) and you can get a free 30-day trial.


Masterclass is a leader in online learning across the full spectrum of subjects. It’s your opportunity to learn from the masters, in their own words. Where else can you learn to cook from Gordan Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck? The learning never has to stop. For $240 CAD per year, you can access unlimited classes taught by industry leaders. Once you’ve made dinner, why not take a filmmaking class taught by Martin Scorsese? 

We hope these online resources help you master the kitchen and more. Learn on!

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